Let the battle begin 25.02.2016

Hello Friends

We are happy to enhance this site with really nice new features:


In a battle you have to make a train and use the given word or topic.


  • you have to use the given word or topic
  • 2 pics per writer
  • upload phase one week, maybe we change this later
  • some days extra for voting

And now let's get ready to RUUMMMBBLEEEEE!



Many users requested this feature and finally we got it. You can save, open and edit your bombings utill you publish them. Just click the "edit" button in yout blackbook to reopen a bombing.


Have FUN !!!


Posted about 8 years ago

awesome updates...but NEW TRAINS NEW TRAINS :)
We all want them haha

Posted almost 8 years ago

Yo Admin
There is a bug with the new GU logo on the truck. If you paint on PC and save it online and later edit it on tablet or handy and save again online the piece gets cut on the right side and below at further edditing. Dont know if this is the problem but the bug is pieces sometimes get cut on the truck.
Edditing and comments are so awesome and changed much in this game to the positive thanks again.
have fun

Posted almost 8 years ago

Posted about 5 years ago

muchos mas spot como techos, vallas publicitarias, lugares abandonados seria genial
de resto me encanto mucho todo

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