New year, new website 20.01.2016

After long long time we had some time do make a website update. Here is a list of changes and new features.

- filter for order and time
- last activities like rates and comments

- new time filter, now you can see the best rated bombings of last week for example. This helps to find really good bombings again, not only BOTDs
- grid chooser, 4, 2 or 1 image per row

Detail Page
- comments for bombings
- bookmarks, see who gave a star

- yeah, give your props and leave a comment
- nice way to communicate with each other
- we hope that you will use this feature wisely
- you can delete comments
- haters gonna hate, thats why you can ban other users FOREVER, Just click on the ban button and they will never comment on any of your bombings

Create bombing
Many users mentioned problems while saving the bombings. Really bad if you loose minutes or hours of work only because of a network error/delay. That's why you can save your bombing multiple times now. Untill you publish it it will be invisible to other users. When you are finished you have to save and publish.

To use the new "save" and "save and publish" feature you have to update your app.
A updated version of Graffiti Unlimited PRO for Android is already in the Google Play Store. The IOS Version is comming soon.

Last words
We hope you will like the new stuff. If you find any bugs please send us immediately an email to [email protected] or use the contact form.


Posted about 8 years ago

Super update. Die neuen features sind klasse. Sehr gelungen! Was ich noch gut finden würde wenn man in seinem Profil ein eigenes userbild hochladen könnte und ein paar infos..woher man kommt seit wann man sprüht und solche sachen. So wie bei bomb the world damals.

Posted about 8 years ago

thanks for the update but
there is a bug with the upload
if you do not change the spot your last piece gets overwritten with the next one you save
can you please fix this
best regards

Posted about 8 years ago

Nice updates guys!
really appreciate it that you are still working on the page!great work

some ideas:

some new Train models (!!!)
and please bring back battle of the week, and battle of the day!
still many active guys online here!


Posted about 8 years ago

Ist es möglich eine funktion einzuführen, bei der man ein gespeichertes aber noch nicht veröffentlichtes bild nachträglich weiter bearbeiten kann? damit man ein bild beginnen kann und dann auch mal zwei tage später fertig malt. cheers

Posted about 8 years ago

and maybe some new tunes too graff to an update you feel me some newer hits from THE WEST COAST

Posted about 8 years ago

you can edit your profile now ;)

this should be fixed now

it's comming ;)

Posted over 7 years ago

yo admin, there are still issues with saving., you press save and you wait a long time, then it says network error etc. i normally have to try a few times to save a piece.
thanks! keep up the good work.

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