STOP harassments and nazi stuff 13.03.2015

Hi folks,

We have some good news but before we start we have to say something.



Actually we don't want to control what's happening here but from now we will delete all bombings and suspend writers who doesn't follow this guidelines:

NO Nazi stuff
NO harassments
NO offence of other users

Please help us to keep this website free of this haters and send us an email to [email protected] if you still see some users violating the guidelines.


Now comes the good part. We optimized the flash app and now there are this new features:

- Straight line tool, hit SPACE while drawing and you have a straight line
- multi zoom. 3 zoom levels, just press the zoom button multiple times
- sound player bug is fixed

Have fun
GU Team


Posted about 9 years ago

Ever since this update has happened the start action page wont work, any advice?

Posted about 9 years ago

Please try this:

- clear your Browser cache
- install newest flash player
- reload page two times with F5 (Windows) or CMD + R (IOS)

Let me know if this helps.

Best regards

Posted about 9 years ago

funstuff just why cant u stop clowns voting 4 themselves?''''serious.....

Posted almost 9 years ago

Why would anyone vote for themselves? And you wuc clownz can talk only reason you lot joined is for cheap votes jokers....... The likes bear no elevens on who gets botd or botw is random and bullshit should be on talent only.

Posted almost 9 years ago


Posted almost 9 years ago

Any way to turn mutli-zoom off? Its semi shitting me

Posted over 8 years ago

I'd just like to mention that the undo button can randomly stop working while you're bombing, it's a pain in the backside.

Posted over 8 years ago

all l want 2 say is how can "syre'' have 150 and 201 votes 4 those wak pieces! he obiously self voted!....come on guys give fame 2 real internet subway clones who desrve it!...(best trains ..mostly self voters who just want fame they dont even write anymore!..........

Posted over 8 years ago

hey i really think all the lame beef should stop peace to everyone

Posted over 8 years ago

We need a fuckin chat option where we can interact with others or at least leave comments on pieces.Ive only been here 1 week but its a cool site that needs some improvements.Best people on here so far :coze,par_onze,ader,smile,respect to yall

Posted over 8 years ago

merry xmas to all you guys this is a really cool way to keep out of trouble and still graff so keep it up and peace and love to all

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